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Flexopower releases flexible solar cell for iPods

South Africa – Flexopower (Pty) Ltd has released its Solar Uno, a single cell encapsulated inside a flexible gas barrier that delivers about 0.6V and has up to 3,000hr lifespan. The cell uses a-Si and a-SiGe triple-junction photovoltaic technology and is suitable for iPods and mobile phone rechargers. Specific voltages to fit a device requirement can also be created by shaping modules with strips connected in series.

Flexopower's director, Werner Fischer said that the company now has a distribution point in the EU to support the product's introduction into the EU markets.

A flexible organic solar cell prototype will also be available for EU market next year.

The prototype is based on a mix of electrically conducting polymers and fullerenes, and printed on roll-to-roll machines.

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