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Spreadtrum's chipset to enable advanced multimedia in mainstream handsets

China (mainland) – In its efforts to address the increasing demands for more multimedia functions in average consumers' handsets, Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. has released its SC6600I chip, a highly integrated multimedia GSM/GPRS baseband solution designed for mainstream mobile phones.

According to [We don't usually use Mr or Ms, unless the person has no first name]Chen Datong, Chief Technology Officer for Spreadtrum, functions such as digital cameras and music players are no longer confined to high-end mobile phones, but are increasingly desired as basic features of mainstream handsets.

This has prompted the company to develop the single-chip SC6600I to cope with the evolving requirements of the global handset market. The chip builds upon the previous Spreadtrum baseband chipsets and integrates additional advanced multimedia functions, such as an MP3 player, an MPEG-4 acceleratorand a 3MP digital camera, as well as the ability to use the handset as a USB flash disk.

On the other hand, handset manufacturers are facing the dilemma of satisfying the demand for higher functionality and lower price at the same time, which has led to increasing pressure on reducing system costs and quality issues for these multimedia phones, adds Mr. Datong.

The SC6600I will enable handset manufacturers to reduce the cost of development and products, while at the same time provide mainstream consumers with high-quality multimedia handsets, Datong said.

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